Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cookie Cuckoo

Wow it has been a while. I dont know what is wrong with my blog. It doesn't allow people to comment. Its not like I do it on purpose and block your comments. Something got to do with the blog template I think. Maybe i'll change my blog templete later. Sheesh! Very very sorry.

The other day I was watching my mom making her cookies. Yeah she loves to make all kinds of cookies and pastries. And she is good at it. Watching her makes me want to try what she was doing. Honestly I have no experience in designing food. But it doesn't matter. Just for the sake of trying something new. I can polish again my manual art skills:p

With a curious attitude, i went into the kitchen and started asking her this and that. Haha. A lot of questions to be asked. Then I got my free 'design a cookie' tutorial. It was harder than it looked! She showed me how to prepare the icing. I hate that part really. Then she showed me the nozzles. I was surprised. It was a set of nozzles in a casing and there were like 20 nozzles in there. I didn't even know she had that set. Each nozzles had its own size and purpose (for different style). This is more hardcore than grafitti. Hahaha.

Next the colourings. Oh yeah this part i got excited. She had loads of colours. The colouring set looks exactly like a set of poster colours. Each bottle one colour. The colouring was added into the icing and mixed. Later the icing was poured into a cone shaped plastic with the nozzle at the end. I got my weapon and it was time to get creative. She explained to me the techniques. There were 2 techniques used to draw on a cookie. The 'base & draw' or the 'draw & fill'. I decided to try both.

I took the ginger bread man shaped cookie which she had prepared earlier and started drawing. Many of the cookies I made ended up in the bin because it was so damaged and ugly. I'm still a beginner yet ambitious! Hahaha. My hands were shaking when i drew. The cookie was as big as your palm and the drawing technique is different. Squeeze and control. It was hard seriously.

However, I had a good time. Maybe the next time I'll improve my cookie drawing skill. Maybe you should try it for yourself. It will be fun:) Later guys. Out.

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