Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Be Part of The Art

Hey there awesome people:) Do you like to be different? Currently i'm taking orders for customized artworks! Hooray! It could be a masterpiece of you and your imaginary friend, your partner, your funny life story, your personality or anything. Tell me whatever you want;) The best part is, i will give you your vector file and you are able to print it as big as you want! Your room will not be the same again. So bring down those boring potrait picture of yours and lets get personalized:)

Here are some samples from the one that i did for a client.

Step 1: A plain sketch. This could be you.

Step 2: Vectorized!

Step 3: Print it out and hang it in your room. Notice your friend's jealous face; priceless.

For those who are interested, you can always email me at and we can discuss and sort out the payments & such. Okay people. I need some sleep. Out.


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