Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Meeting With an Artist

Hey people:) I just visited Mr. Yeoh Jin Leng; also my neighbour; at his place. If you haven't heard of his name, let me tell you he is one of Malaysia's best painter and fine art artist. Awesome guy. You can check him out at It was nice chit chatting with him though. His stories, his experiences, his thinking and his point of view really caught my attention. Hey there is no right or wrong in an opinion. Mr. Yeoh gave me plenty of good advice and motivation too. Hehehe. Sometimes you have to listen to the senior's advice in order to improve. They know;)

Later Mr. Yeoh showed me around his house, including his personal art studio. Loads and loads of paintings, sculptures and other art collections. It was everywhere. Big and small. Each with different stories. All influenced by the Asian art, culture and tradition. He even showed me a catalog where he had an exhibition at Balai Seni Lukis Negara. Pretty cool. Some of his artworks even dated year 1959! I was smiling all the way:) Happy and mesmerized with his wonderful creations. Now i'm fired up:)

One of Mr. Yeoh's artwork:Dance of the Gopis. Awesomely big!


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